S’mores Bark

This little treat was an impromptu idea, as I aimlessly browsed the internet and came across this. Now, most of the images on this series aren’t very appetizing, but the s’mores bark about halfway down caught my eye. Intrigued, I researched ways of making chocolate bark, and found Martha Stewart’s recipe, which gave me a few more directions than the image.

Once I got started though, I kind of forgot about the amounts, so ended up breaking wayyyy too much graham crackers. But that’s OK, I got to snack on them after ^_^


So I melted the chocolate – 600g of Lindt cooking chocolate. Next time, I’ll stick to 400g instead. 600g makes for very thick bark, which while delicious, it’s still a lot of chocolate. It would be just as delicious with 200g less.


I then poured the chocolate at the bottom of a 9×13 inch pan, which I lined with wax paper, and spread the chocolate to the very corners. I alternately sprinkled broken graham crackers and mini marshmallows, and mixed up some of the chocolate over it as well.


It then went into the fridge for about an hour and a half. The recipe called for just one hour, but I lost track of time, and it wasn’t too big a deal anyway.

Once I took it back out and peeled it off the wax paper, I used a knife to help make cracks in the chocolate and break it off into manageable chunks. Thus we had a lovely afternoon snack whilst catching up on Sherlock.


Easiest snack I’ve made in a long time! Thanks for stopping by!


Holiday Treats!

Happy 2014 everyone!

For this post, rather than give an in-depth look at everything I baked this holiday season, I thought I’d give you an overview of the cookies and cupcakes I made. This is partly because some of the cookies I made are extremely basic and don’t warrant an entire blog post, and partly because there would be a lot of posts to cover everything. So I figure it’d be simpler to put it all into one holiday treats post, so you can feast your eyes on what I baked (and maybe keep to your resolutions too).

Holiday Cut-Out Cookies

I made these as the end-of-year treat for my colleagues. I actually spent an entire week on them, baking them the previous weekend, and decorating them a little bit every evening.

IMG_2043   IMG_2055   IMG_2079

I made nearly 120 cookies. I then personalized some of the stockings and the stars, with the first initial of my colleagues, and separated out the cookies.

IMG_2081   IMG_2089

Each person got 4 cookies. I placed them into a holiday bag, with a note from myself and Josh.


Old-Fashioned Butter Press Cookies

I went home for a few days at Christmas, so I had to make some cookies there too! Since I left my KitchenAid mixer and everything at my place, I made simple, hand-mixed, butter cookies. These were Mom’s favorites.


My dad found a new cookie press tucked away in a corner, and to my delight, it had a tree form! (and a pumpkin, but that’s for a different holiday). I decorated these simply, with red and green sugar.

British Pudding – American-style

Actually, these aren’t mini British Christmas puddings at all. They’re leftover chocolate cake and icing, which I transformed into cake balls. I had a bit of white candy melts left, so I whipped these up and topped with festive sprinkles.


Apple Pie

Okay, so maybe it’s not that festive, but it was one of my contributions for our annual Christmas dinner at some very dear friends of ours, so I figure it deserves it’s place here.


My apologies for the bad-quality photo, it was hastily taken before I put it out on the buffet.

New Year’s Eve Cupcakes

My last festive piece of baking, were these pink champagne, New Year’s Eve cupcakes. What else would you need to finish off the year with a flourish?

IMG_2215   IMG_2218

These were quite the hit at the party I took them to!

And so here ends my first blog entry for 2014. I can’t wait to see what new baking adventures the year brings me! In the meantime, one of my resolutions is to form healthier eating habits… so I guess whatever I bake, I shall have to bring in to work ^_^

Thanks for reading!