Happy Graduirthday!

Hi! Hi there! Do you remember me? I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new. Life caught up and got in the way, and basically summer was far too interesting to get back to blogging. And then school started again and that kept me busy. Oh and I got engaged! So between extreme excitement, wedding planning, and general life (I also moved apartments and helped my dear friends move too), blogging, and baking, got pushed to the side.


You know how sometimes you fall out of a certain habit and it’s really hard to get back on the wagon? Blogging has kind of been like that. I got really down at low views, and felt like it was just my family and close friends looking at this. Now that I (accidentally) took a little over a year’s break from it – completely, I didn’t even log on to WordPress! – I feel like I can look at it with fresh eyes. And guess what! Somehow in between all of that, views have picked up!

Definitely an ego-booster.


This was a sweet cake for a double celebration – achieving a Masters degree and turning 25. And little did the party in attendance know, she was also nurturing life. But it was far too early to have included that in the cake. So we kept to the other big news.

Looking ahead-

I’m hoping to catch up on posts from the last year or so, and start blogging about my baking adventures more regularly. I may even invest in a proper camera and backdrop!

Until then- enjoy the new postings.


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