My name is Joanna and I love to bake. I used to help Mom in the kitchen, and things just kind of grew from there. Throughout middle and high school, I mostly baked cupcakes, and when I got to university, I was dismayed that my student accommodation only had a microwave oven. That didn’t stop me – I managed to bake a cake and cupcakes in it, and they turned out quite good. The first house I lived in off-campus had a gorgeous kitchen, and I continued with my cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, and the odd loaf of banana bread. In the second house I lived in (my third and last year at university) things went mental with my baking when my boyfriend gave me the book Cupcakes Galore by Gail Wagman. I set out to bake (nearly) every recipe in the book, and my housemates were more than happy to be my guinea pigs.

For various reasons, I then came home after finishing my psychology degree, and continued to bake. I started expanding into cakes, as I followed more cake artists on deviantART. Somehow in the middle of this, I discovered that baking is a form of stress relief for me. That year, I worked at the school, and baked a couple of cakes for birthday lunches, including a chocolate sunflower design cake, and a stage cake (stage accessories non-edible). Those launched me into exploring what other kind of ‘sculpted’ cakes I could get into. Last year, I baked (nearly) all the cakes for the birthday lunches (see the post Cakes So Far), and I had a blast.

So this blog is a bit of an online portfolio of my baking. It’s purely personal and I’m not looking for commissions or anything of the sort at the moment. I love looking up new ways of making my own cake decorations and admiring other (professional) works of culinary art, especially through deviantART.

I will usually update on the weekend, as I just don’t have time during the week to write and edit a post. I don’t have a very good updating schedule as such, as it depends on whether I’m making a cake that week or not! But I would estimate at least two posts a month, if not more. To avoid checking back and being disappointed, I recommend you follow my blog by email – that way you’ll get an email straight to your inbox when I update! To do this, click on the orange side-bar to the left of the screen, and click “Follow!”  at the top 🙂

Thanks for visiting 🙂



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