Yellow Car Cake

Hey everyone!

This week’s baking adventure was one that almost didn’t happen, thanks to my forgetful memory. About two weeks ago, Sandra asked me if I could bake a cake for Armando, her sister’s boyfriend. Then, work and life got in the way, and next thing I knew, Zak was over for Halo 4 with Josh, and we were having pizza; he calls Sandra, and she’s reminding me about the cake… that’s for Friday (3 days later). I get the details (no chocolate, he likes mango, shape of a car, preferably yellow), it’s all good, and then I realize, I’m out on Thursday night for a school event- when the heck am I going to get this cake done?! I found a mango cake recipe, found a semi-tutorial to follow (because I’ve never sculpted a car before), and decide to leave right after school the next day to pop to Thionville for some ready-made fondant, mangoes, and other baking necessities.

Schedule-wise, I had to bake the cake on Wednesday because I would have zero time on Thursday to do anything major. So, I baked a mango cake:


On an aside, this cake is one of my new favourites. It’s butter-less and made with fresh mango. It’s moist, delicious, and holds its shape well for carving. The website also supplied a recipe for a vanilla icing, which used a combination of cream cheese and butter, which is also a total winner. The result is creamier and simply delicious.

Anyway, after baking one 9″x13″ cake, I realized I was definitely going to need another half-recipe of it to get the height on the cake. So I woke up at 5am on Thursday to bake the cake before getting ready for work. My plan was to carve and crumb-coat the cake Thursday night after the social, but when we finally got home at 10:30pm, I was just too exhausted. Given that we were also out for a birthday party on Friday night, and I had to run an errand before 7pm (when the shops closed), I realized I had approximately 2 hours between the end of work and the time by which I had to finish the cake and handover to Sandra.


By the time I crumb-coated it, it was starting to take the shape of a car.


OK. I admit it, I used a Lightning McQueen car cake tutorial as my model. The fact is, all the other car cake images I found were overly complicated. Due to my time constraints, I needed something simple that was also big enough to feed around 15 people. Obviously, I didn’t decorate it in the same way.


I even made little rearview mirrors, and windshield wipers. I carved, iced, and decorated this bad boy with about 1 hour and 40 minutes- a record that I don’t think I’ll ever top, because I did take some shortcuts. I lightly traced with a yellow food-safe marker the outlines of the doors, personalized mini license plates, and when I sent it off home with Sandra, I kept thinking there was something missing. Several hours later, when I was heading out to town, it finally hit me – I forgot headlights!!

Image       Image

Of course, there was also the part where there wasn’t quite enough yellow fondant to make a layer thick enough, hence the bumps, and that it overall just looked like a comic car and not a real car. The most important part, was that everyone enjoyed it 🙂


Thanks for reading!