Here I am…

I have always liked helping in the kitchen. I have fond memories as a child, sitting on the counter, helping Mom to bake chocolate chip cookies. This went on to being the first recipe she let me bake entirely on my own (by the age of 10), closely followed by cupcakes. When I went to university, I found myself with a lot of free time, and started exploring my baking hobby to a greater depth. With some help along the way, I discovered icing techniques, countless recipes, and started browsing cake decorating tutorials and Facebook pages for inspiration.

A friend suggested I start a blog to keep a record of my baking adventures, and as a sort of portfolio, should I ever decide to do this professionally. At the moment, baking is for me a sort of de-stress mechanism. Baking helps relieve day-to-day tensions I build up. This past year, I agreed to bake the cakes for the team I work with at school, for our birthday lunches. Even though these were approximately once a month, once or twice I found myself stressing about the cakes, and spending entirely too much time perfecting them. So for now, I am not taking commissions or orders; I just want to share my experiences with you.

As this is the first blog I’ve ever kept, I welcome constructive criticism on presentation and content. Things that seem obvious to me might not be to you, and I will gladly answer any questions you have. I will always reference my recipes or techniques to the websites/tutorials where I found them.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy reading through my blog.